Meet the #socialcarefuture Inquirers

The #socialcarefuture inquiry is officially underway! We have already had a few meetings to get to know each other and start to shape the inquiry. The real strength of this inquiry is that as a group designing and leading it, we all have lived experience of either ourselves or our loved ones using social care, and so we are uniquely placed to say what needs to change. We also have a fantastic team of supporters, providing assistance we may ask for or specialist knowledge on areas such as research.

We have started talking about what we would want to look at and how we are going to do it- It’s a big task! The #socialcarefuture online festival sessions (4-6th November) will feed into the inquiry and we will be hosting a session, so register to come along to hear more and be involved. We will also soon be inviting anyone with ideas on how we can make our vision a reality, to contribute- watch this space.

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