Welcome to Social Care Future

#socialcarefuture is an informal and volunteer-run platform for all wishing to bring about major positive change in what is currently called “social care.”  It is for those who want to take part in imagining, creating and communicating a future where what we currently call social care makes a major contribution to the health, well-being and success of people, communities and our economy –  a future in which the public recognise it as something to be invested in because it is important to them and to the country as a whole.  

#socialcare future will do so by providing platforms for dialogue and the sharing of ideas on and offline and via encouraging and by supporting a year of focused action for positive change.   Anyone with a stake in the future of social care is welcome to become involved and to contribute.

There are three main practical ways to be involved:

  1. Ideas and information sharing, including this blog series, about what much better social care should be and do, how it can do this and the promising practices that should be built on, grown and spread
  2. A gathering, in Manchester on November 14th and 15th 2018, and through virtual means, of people determined to bring about a better future, able to share positive change already happening and prepared to take action with others to accelerate change
  3. A year of action (at least) by groups willing to work together and support each other on focussed action for positive change