Keeping people connected – digital or analogue!

Karyn Kirkpatrick on how Keyring has rapidly adapted to help its members, many who live alone, to keep connected. “One of the easiest and quick things to sort out was our staff response”, but “We’ve got to really re-think about the tools we equip people with…all homes should have wifi…” She offers practical and thoughtful ideas about people could grow their skills and connections. “We should try and imagine how older age will be in 20 years time..Society is running two systems – older people in care homes unable to access and see their families….that should have been happening anyway”

For the future Karyn says she will want to go back and talk to her commissioners based on what has changed in the last few months. “How could we take the new ways of working further…If you can change everything in two weeks you should do that again and again”

Thinking about the strategies that people who want to see change might use – looking for alignment with others beyond social care. “It needs a really wide movement”

Karyn’s Tracks:

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