Side by side relationships

By Sam Clark and Gary Bourlet, Learning Disability England

What we took away from the session at social care future

We were part of the hosting the Including Everyone workshop at social care future. We worked with people from New Prospects, Alzheimer’s Society, Dimensions and Local Area Coordination in York to share stories about what matters to people and is working for them.

We had conversations about

  • Labels and the words we use especially calling people complex
  • Being an active part of your community
  • Ordinary life
  • Having a good life
  • Being connected to people
  • How organisations work when they support people but don’t take over their lives

Here are some of the things people said

  • Speaking in an ordinary language is important – it stops people being pushed out by labels
  • Everyone has complex needs -not just some people with some diagnoses but do other people understand this?
  • Complex is an easy label, so why do we have this if it used in a negative way. At the end of the day we are all important and we are special in every other way.
  • Nobody wants service land, everyone wants to live an ordinary
  • It’s difficult to separate good support from staff with the right values – how they behave matters most
  • Staff in organisations can help build community – it can be good to be nosey and helpful to other local people
  • This will help people to move on and build independence, people need just enough support (not too much so providers need to help get that balance right)

LDESCF copy.jpg

At Learning Disability England, we are building these important messages and principles into our work with our members and partners

We know some of them are already doing great work like

We would end with a strong message from the workshop: “Just do it”



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