Will your local area adopt the Social Care Future Vision to transform social care?

The Whose Social Care is it Anyway inquiry report made a number of “first asks” including some for council leaders. The report invited local leaders to adopt the social care future vision to steer local strategy and to employ the Think Local Ask Personal (TLAP) Making it Real framework to implement it, in collaboration with people that draw on social care to lead their lives.

Already a number of Directors of Adult Social Care have responded positively. Alongside TLAP we plan to gather supportive councils together in the autumn to offer advice & consider appropriate support.

This might be something you might want to explore in your own local area. If so, please read or promote this letter which was recently sent to all Directors of Adult Social Services in England:

Dear Director,

We are pleased to share the first findings of the Whose social care is it anyway? inquiry. You will be aware that this inquiry is being led by a diverse group of people who draw on social care, directly or as a family member. Its goal is to help the Social Care Future Movement and others to be clear how best to pursue the SCF Vision, starting from the views and experiences of people directly affected. It also aims to make a contribution to wider reform debates and activity, making sure that the voice of people is directly heard. The group has identified 5 key changes to steer action and is inviting action in these areas. We would appreciate your sharing the findings with colleagues and partners.

The inquiry group and wider Social Care Future movement are keen to ally with you and your colleagues in bringing about a better future. At national level we are engaged with ADASS and LGA to do this via the National Strategic Leaders Group.

In the report are a number of “first asks” including two for councils. In particular we are asking if leaders in councils would consider committing to use of the Social Care Future vision in combination with Think Local Act Personal’s Making it Real – to steer and support local strategy for change. Here is some early information about how Doncaster Council are exploring this.

We have agreed with TLAP that for those councils expressing an interest in this, we will offer a joint initial opportunity in the autumn to pull places together to explore and advise on this. Please do get in touch on this. We would be pleased to recognise councils making such a public commitment.

Very best wishes

Anna Severwright on behalf of Social Care Future

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  1. It’s a very important piece of work that needs to be transformed. Social care needs a full reform whereby money are put in to community’s, eg local respite care, social clubs. Music drama dance clubs for people with autism LD. Mental health issues being looked at from social care, social housing for families with autism LD who are local and those in mental health institutions. A better understanding and view of old peoples care.


  2. […] Following the launch we wrote to all Directors of Adult Social Care to ask if they would consider using the SCF vision and Think Local Act Personal’s Making it Real to steer local strategy and action. Already quite a few have answered in support, including some local councillors responsible for social care. We will be bringing them and others who respond together in the autumn to plan what they can do and what help might be available. The letter is here if you want to talk to your local DASS or others about signing up Will your local area adopt the Social Care Future Vision to transform social care? […]


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