Catch up with the #socialcarefuture online festival

Our online festival last week was a great success, with hundreds of you sharing your experiences, expertise and ideas for the future. Like all good festivals is was impossible to get to everything you wanted to. We know others wanted to be there but had other commitments. Luckily then, we recorded it all so you can catch up on anything you missed.

Thank you to all of the people and organisations that gave their time voluntarily to organise and facilitate sessions at the festival. A very special thanks to Gaynor and Mark for keeping the show on the road so expertly.

This is dedicated to the memory of our friend and colleague John Popham, who sadly died at the end of September. John was a ‘social videographer & internet evangelist’ who filmed and brought our face to face meetings and festivals to wider audiences through live broadcast. As John’s family said when announcing his passing:

“Please remember him by continuing to be positive, use social media for good and remember to ask yourselves how can you make someone else’s life better this week.”

John Popham


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