Moving Towards the Social Care Future – Summer Update

For the past two years #socialcarefuture has been a growing movement of people with a shared commitment to bring about major positive change in what is currently called “social care.”  It’s for those who want to take part in imagining, communicating and creating together a future where what we currently call social care makes a major contribution to everyone’s wellbeing and which, as a result, will enjoy high levels of public and political – support.

Those coming together via this growing movement include people with lived experience, families, professionals, managers, support providers, user-led organisations, politicians, academics, commissioners, community groups and others.

We have worked together in variety of ways to develop and pursue our shared vision:

  • Co-authoring a shared story of change and learn how to use it to inspire the wider public to support the future we seek
  • Underpinning this story with examples of the approaches that exemplify this future and working with others to grow and to spread them
  • Challenging and changing the present through action at all levels to close the gap between the positive rhetoric of policy and the reality on the ground

From a Vision to a Better Future

Building our plans for action with lived experience at the centre – Whose social care future is it anyway?

Lots of organisations and groups are holding reviews and doing planning about the future of social care. Sadly, these can effectively exclude people who use social care and often bring together only technical experts and those responsible for current forms of service and practice rather those keen to help build the future we want. Anna Severwright has blogged here about some of the reasons that changing this is vital. For this reason we are going to arrange our own positive enquiry to help us plan how to make our vision a reality and influence others.

A group of movement members with lived experience have agreed to form a core panel – people with a range of experience and ages and from across the movement. The group will be meeting and planning into the early Autumn and then the first stage of the enquiry will start running pre-Christmas. Lots of discussions with groups and organisations are going on about linking to and supporting the enquiry in a wide range of ways, hosting debates, sharing ideas, offering skills and insights. Beyond panel “hearings” there are several ways groups can be involved and make contributions. We would love to talk to you about getting your voice heard.  There is an outline of our planned  “appreciative enquiry” here.

Talking about a brighter social care future

Building on our previous work on “reframing” and with support from members we have brought together a diverse group from across the movement to work on the next stage. We are working with Equally Ours and Survation and will soon do research on how the public think about social care and which messages, how presented, can build support for our vision. We aim to get the first material out this autumn. See more here.

Glimpses of the Future: A Festival for Change

This will be an on-line festival starting in early November. It will offer an opportunity to:

  • Share the early findings from Whose Social Care is It Anyway? and Talking About a Brighter Social Care Future
  • Put on a series of sessions organised around our three core elements: vision, glimpses of the future, solution led challenge. These will share significant action members are taking, and debate key issues. People can link to opportunities for involvement in next steps or more detailed plans and action for change
  • Bring movement members and others together to raise spirits, support each other, inspire inform and entertain

Want to get involved in this action? Get in touch via

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