You Can’t Always Get What You Want – Can research help make big change in social care?

Professor Martin Knapp, Director of the School for Social Care Research, is a marathon man in more ways that one – 43 years a researcher in social care and its economics and a runner who once wore the England vest.

This was a conversation broadly with two elements – we explored in general the part that research can play in helping to improve aspects of social care and its policy environment. Martin shares examples of how this has happened at different levels and in respect of policy the conditions and dynamics that can lead to impact or…not. In the second half of the conversation we focus on current research relevant to the future of care homes.

The other main part of the discussion is based around a thought experiment to help us think about the potential role of research where big change of approach rather than marginal improvements is the goal. My favourite quote here is “No one has ever yet done a random control trial on parachutes”

For his music track Martin introduces us to a former LSE economics student – Mick Jagger and his band

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