Until you take your last breath you have a contribution to make

Donald Macaskill is CEO of Scottish Care, the membership body for independent social care providers in Scotland. He came to that role after 13 years in a human rights organisation and has brought a rights based approach into the role. In this wide ranging interview Donald speaks of supporting social care organisations at this awful time “An experience that no one would want to repeat” and strongly challenges what he calls the “fundamentalist approach to infection control”. He calls out the ageism at the heart of decision making “I’m deeply concerned about age being a proxy for decision making ..and the diminished rights of people because of age and particularly dementia”

Donald speaks of the need to put human rights action not just rhetoric at the heart of support for older people and says “We have failed to embed human rights into our pandemic response”

Donald has thoughtful and powerful reflections about the role of care homes in society and social care and about their future post the first phase of the pandemic He engages positively with the challenges about institutional forms and practices and goes beyond (though strongly including!) resource issues in this discussion – “We will continue to reform and reshape what we mean by a care home”.

Donald’s music choice is Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band, American Skin (41 Shots)

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