Strengthening people, sparking community, shifting power

Clare Whiteman tells us about the mission of Grapevine and how it is making it real in Coventry and Warwickshire. In responding to the pandemic Clare and her colleagues went back to first principles “we are not the help, we enable people to help each other”. This has meant they have not attempted to be an emergency service but do deepen and extend what they have been doing for years, via initiatives like “Place based local action (sorry for the jargon says Clare)” and “Connecting for Good” – painstakingly, one by one shifting to digital ways of working but also standing with those for whom this doesn’t work. Clare has a lot to say about both fears and possibilities for the future. Grapevine is making its own local contribution to help Coventry bring together the lessons of the past few months around how mutual aid and community reciprocity can both sustain and adapt in a changing relationship with local public services – including via a forthcoming virtual summit for 300 people. 

Insta @connectingforgoodcov #connectingforgoodcov

Nothing about the summit etc in on the site yet – it is coming! Next week

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