Rapid evolution – Shared Lives’ response to Coronavirus

Anna McEwen is Executive Director of Shared Lives Plus. She tells us about how shared lives households and schemes are adapting to lockdown and very interestingly how Shared Lives are rapidly evolving new ways of providing support during the pandemic. One of these is to offer an alternative to hospital discharge to residential care – reducing risks via a non-congregate option. This has much relevance as we emerge from the current phase of the crisis. Anna also offers thoughts about how clear the pandemic makes it that relationships are core to people’s sense of what is important and that what we call social care needs to better reflect this. Indeed many of the most interesting developments that are emerging wouldn’t be called social care.

We also talk about skateboarding twins, lockdown hair and Kylie!

Apologies for slight technical hitches – bear with it!


Twitter: @SharedLivesPlus

Anna’s desert island disc

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