#socialcarefuture talks with…. a Brummie called Farquharson

Clenton Farquharson speaks of his experience with the Birmingham and West Midlands direct payment and personal budgets network. The anxiety and stress of sometimes feeling forgotten and the hard practical issues of PPE availability, essential worker status for personal assistants, inappropriate reviewing mid-pandemic and more. He points though to places which are being very supportive and calls for others to follow their lead. Having lost people close to him Clenton is very focussed on the disproportionate impact on people from black and minority ethnic communities – the pandemic laying bare long standing societal inequalities – and calling for a better protective response. Clenton offers reflections on his activity as Think Local Act Personal chair at this time – how the underlying principles of reciprocity, inclusion, community and love come to the fore. “We have to be thinking about what a better future looks like…in these moments we have created connections. I would like to reclaim that for social care”. He is thinking about how we think about health – far beyond traditional illness services – about how our health is collectively created in our communities – the future must reflect this – love, kindness, justice, fairness, trust. “We need to bottle how councils and mutual aid have worked well”

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  1. Brilliant Clenton, for me it’s being about having the control, and flexibility to choose the care I want and when I want it, I know what will work, for me, and what won’t. Let’s establish trust and respect,, before the next crisis


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