Towards community ownership and power – #socialcarefuture talks with Professor Donna Hall

An interview of two halves this one with Donna Hall, chair of the New Local Government Network and Bolton Foundation Trust, former CEO of Wigan Council.

The first half is a powerful critique of what Donna views as an ineffective over centralised approach to covid-19, “a fragmented mess at the moment”. Donna calls strongly for a shift to testing and tracking led by and making best use of local skills, resources and coordination – there to be used, not being. She ends this section by saying this shift must happen now “We’ve not got much time”

The second half is a look to the future of social care and other public services, by the leader of the biggest UK real life experiment – The Wigan Deal. Donna answers the question “What would your advice be to local leaders who don’t want to go back” with both strategic ideas and detail of practical actions and areas for focus. She says “The last few months have taught us that a lot of the things we thought we couldn’t do, we can do”


Donna’s music choices:

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