#socialcarefuture talks to Wendy Mitchell & Philly Hare

Wendy Mitchell and Philly Hare, with other colleagues have responded to the Covid 19 emergency by discussing and finding out what can best keep people with dementia contributing, connected and supported. In this interview they tell Martin Routledge about the practical resources they have produced, published by Innovations in Dementia – a guide and series of videos. We also talked about the future – what did they think were key lessons and changes that we need to take forward as we emerge. As part of this Wendy spoke about how people with dementia and their families have long had to rapidly adapt to often quickly changing circumstances. Interestingly she spoke about how the DEEP network had been using Zoom for years. She hoped that public services, now adapting quickly to respond creatively and flexibly would be able to take that into their future ways of working

Here are resources to support covid 19 volunteers supporting people with dementia:

Do take a look at Dementia Diaries: www.dementiadiaries.org, Twitter @DementiaTweets and Facebook www.facebook.com/dementiadiariesposts

Also Dementia Enquirers at https://www.dementiavoices.org.uk/dementia-enquirers/, Twitter #DementiaEnquirers

And DEEP: https://www.dementiavoices.org.uk/, Twitter @DementiaVoices and Facebook UK DEEP Network

Philly & Wendy’s music choices

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