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Professor Bob Hudson made an important contribution to the recent #socialcarefuture gathering based upon a long career researching and analysing public services. Bob offered a diagnosis of the current problems with social care and outline ideas for solutions. He was slightly limited, however by the eight minutes we gave him!

Following the gathering Bob has now brought his detailed thoughts together for #socialcarefuture with support from Nesta.  Here you can download Bob’s full paper ‘“We need to about adult social care” or an executive summary

He goes beyond what is wrong and why, to offer closely argued ideas about how things could change to produce a much better future.

We are grateful to Bob for putting both his brain into this task and his head above the parapet. Some in our network will find this kind of analysis and presentation helpful, others prefer to focus differently. We would like to invite those who do read Bob’s piece to offer feedback.

For example:
• Is this focussing on the right things, both in terms of diagnosis of the problem and effective solutions?

• Do you know of good examples linked to the five components Bob identifies? • What practical action might be taken by members of this network to achieve positive progress in the areas Bob points up and the means he proposes

• What other action might be needed or approaches taken?

Please feel free to leave short comments here or send longer thoughts to

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  1. If we focus on ‘innovation’ at the expense of everything else, are we in danger of losing sight of the fundamentals? We’re often told that ‘our people are our greatest asset’ yet we seem to be rushing ahead with calls to innovate before we’ve given our people the opportunity to fully engage with policy-makers. Perhaps we should look at what we have to hand today in terms if tech and processes to see if we cannot be innovative now?

    If we’re serious about valuing the real-time, real-life experiences of our social-care staff, perhaps it is time we gave them a voice, unfettered by fear of censure or sanction. We all want to have information on which to build a better future, but if we don’t have accurate information on reality, our decisions going forwards are based on mere supposition.

    There are suitable confidential dialogue platforms in operation across a number of sectors with a public-safety remit, with decades of success behind them. Before we take a leap of imagination into the World of innovation, we should be providing the platform for dialogue between staff and management, between employees and researchers.


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