Social Care Future blogs – the story so far

The Social Care Future blog was launched in early 2018 as a crucible for ideas about and examples of how to transform social care in the UK. It has projected voices from a spectrum of people that reflects the breadth of collaboration needed to make meaningful change happen, on an undertaking of such scale and complexity.

There are words from people with lived experience of social care CEOs, professors and many more – good and bad. There are words that express hope for what could be, admiration for the pockets of innovation that are, and anger at things that have gone wrong and need sorting out.

But there are themes on which all the voices in these stories harmonise. Foremost among them is the conviction that “we can do better,” as laid out in Martin Routledge’s introduction. He describes a landscape in which there already exist tantalising examples of what better social care could be – if only we could come together to bring them from the fringes and into the mainstream.

That means somehow finding a way to apply the personalised approaches designed for and in collaboration with, people using support as individuals, for the many.

The importance of communication runs through all the blogs. How we talk about social care has a close relationship to how it actually is. The type of framing placed around discussions of social care has a huge influence on what people think about it, and ultimately shapes the direction of action taken by the people with the power to act.

System leaders don’t exactly get an easy ride in these pages, but they are treated to a host of tangible, workable suggestions for how power can be shared and invested in people and communities who use social care. We look forward to you joining the conversations at our gathering this week!

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